Reward Hard Work

Ah, the new school year, a time of fresh starts and classrooms full of energy. Kids are eager to learn and motivated to start the year off strong. But what happens a few months in when some of that momentum wanes? We’ve gathered up some strategies for how you can use IXL to keep students’ enthusiasm and natural curiosity strong all year long.

The Spirit of Competition

If you’ve ever had recess duty, you’re probably aware that kids are naturally competitive. So why not use IXL to harness that energy for class- or school-wide contests? There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to spur students on to answer more questions and master more skills! You can recognize contestants over the morning announcements or in a small awards ceremony to give participants a chance to bask in the limelight.

Reward Hard Work

We believe kids have an intrinsic desire to learn, yet small incentives can have a huge impact on motivation. Try giving simple rewards, like stickers or pencil erasers, to students that reach certain goals, such as practicing for a set amount of time or mastering a skill. Another option is to let students earn tickets for a class raffle by achieving a particular SmartScore on a skill. Then, every month or quarter, you can hold a drawing for prizes, either tangible (e.g., dollar store items) or experiential (e.g., lunch with the teacher).

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