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  • Do I need to buy separate memberships for all my kids studying in different classes?
    •  Here you can opt for family membership, where you need to register once and then you can pay additional charges for extra membership.We will allot different usernames and passwords for each member and they can get an access to their topics.  

  • Please clarify the meaning of unlimited access of fun learns?
    •  Unlimited  Access  means that you can get an access to all the study materials on the website. For example, you are a member of class XI, here you will have an access the material of class XI along with all the study material available on funlearn for higher or lower standards. 

  • I am an existing user and now I wish to add one more kid in the plan how can I do that?
    •  Sign in to your Edfigo parent account and here you will get the necessary button which will instruct you to add one more kid in the plan.

  • If a kid joins Edfigo in the middle of a session or near the exams then will he get a reduction in the fee or he need to pay for the entire term?
    •  Normally we follow the membership process and decide the fees accordingly. Late joiners need not to pay the entire fees. We can revise the fee structure for them. In some special cases Fee can be adjusted as per the status of syllabus/topics that he needs to cover.

  • If I wish to convert my monthly membership into yearly membership, in this case will I get a rebate for the months for which I already paid in monthly subscription?
    •  No, your annual membership will start once your monthly membership will end.  Annual membership is valid for an entire year and here you have to pay full price for it. Meanwhile, you can hold it in between and continue in the next session to complete your tenure with Edfigo.

  • For how long I can hold my monthly membership?
    •  You can hold your monthly membership for three months and then continue it. After three months it you don’t renew it, then it will lapse and here you need to renew it all over again where all the necessary charges of registration will be applicable.

  • What if I cancel my membership in between, in this case will I receive a refund based on pro rata calculation?
    •  No, our refund policies are very clear.  We don’t entertain these kinds of requests at any stage.

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    • How to study in edfigo
      • Pls browse the site thank you